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Database Inventory

San Diego, California

Buckland Refrigeration

Inventory System and Services Activity Report, Customer profile Database and Invoice Generation with Filemaker server 19. 

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Virtual Library


Sefar Universal

Database design and creation of a virtual library managing different components in terms of information security for different countries such as Colombia, Spain and Venezuela. Local Filemaker 19 server and direct connection to the web. 

The FID system supports work within the organization by helping to improve interdepartmental communication at the international level using search engines that allow efficient information to be found in documents stored in physical and virtual storage.

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Chula Vista, California

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Eli's Peruvian Kitchen

El Cajon, California

Italianissimo Trattoria and Eli's Peruvian Kitchen

POS system development in FileMaker version 19 as also the implementation of reports of the entire database. Benefits it offers:

Gresta Services BMW

Chula Vista, California